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Early Release Super for Dental Implant

Your oral health is as important as your overall well-being. Maintaining good dental health is challenging but restoring oral health function and aesthetics can be expensive. This is where Super for Dental Implant comes in. Superannuation is one way to get funds for dental implants in Australia. If you are eligible and follow the right steps to apply, you can get your Super released early for your dental implant treatment.

Continue reading this article to know the process of applying for your Super for Dental Implant in a way that increases your chances of getting approved and receiving the funds just in time for your treatment.

Criteria For Early Release Of Super For Dental Implant


The minimum age requirement to be eligible for Super is 60 years if you are retired. But can you get your Super released early? Yes!  if you are above 18, you can access your Super for dental work.

Medical Evidence & Dental Treatment Plans

You must provide medical evidence and dental treatment plans to prove that the treatment is medically necessary and it should include the current dental condition, the proposed dental treatment plan and the expected treatment outcomes. A qualified affordable dentist near Ellenbrook should provide it. Note that this evidence must be current and dated within the last 6 months; otherwise, your application for an early release of Super for Dental Implant fund may be rejected. Check with your Superannuation fund to determine which dental treatments in Ellenbrook are covered in your early-release Super. Below is a list of some additional documents required during your application.
  • Your Superannuation fund statement
  • Identification documents like your passport or driving licence
  • Detailed dental treatment plan
  • Written documents of your current medical and dental condition.
  • An application for Early release of Super
If you meet all the above eligibility criteria, you must obtain all the necessary documents and submit your application. If your application is approved, you will receive your payment in 2 weeks. You also need to consider some points before applying for Early Release Super for Dental Implant.
  • It can greatly impact your retirement savings.
  • You have to pay an Early Release Super for the Dental Implant fee, which will be deducted from the approved total amount.

How To Apply For Early Release of Super for Dental Implant in Perth?

Once you confirm that your Super allows you to access your Super funds for Dental Implant, follow these tips for early release of funds.
➔ Provide detailed information and how it affects your life to make your case strong.
➔ Submit total treatment cost including pre and post-operative care.
➔ Gather all supporting documents such as a detailed dental report given by your affordable dentist near Ellenbrook to support your case.
➔ Take advice from a financial advisor or a professional for proper documentation.

Key Takeaway Points:

  • A registered medical or an affordable dentist near Ellenbrook must provide a report showing that your dental work is medically necessary.
  • The timeframe for getting approved and receiving the amount of your Super varies as per your circumstances.
  Superannuation funds are a sure way to cover the high cost of your dental implant treatment cost when you have no other means to do so. Luckily, many Superannuation funds in Perth and all over Australia offer early release for dental implant work as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. At Ellembrook Smiles, we offer complete dental work and our dental team can also guide you to apply for early release of Super.

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