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5 Tips For You to Overcome Your Fear of a Tooth Extraction

It’s not a good thing to know that we need tooth extractions in Ellenbrook at some point. It’s never easy to live without one of our teeth but teeth that are badly damaged should be removed. So, it’s essential to be prepared for tooth extraction as it may cause discomfort and embarrassment. Fortunately, there are some things you should do before going for the procedure to feel more relaxed.
Here are 5 tips given by your Ellenbrook dentist to overcome your fear of tooth extraction:

1. Know About The Procedure

We all know that knowledge is power. It is especially true for patients who have dental anxiety. Understanding the tooth extraction procedure can help ease your nerves.
Here’s what you can expect during the procedure:
  • First, your Ellenbrook dentist will inject a local anaesthetic to numb the site.
  • Your dentist will move your tooth to make it lose.
  • Once it’s loose, your dentist will pull out the tooth.
  • Finally, Your dentist will apply gauze to the site to control bleeding.

2. Stay Calm

If you are nervous about a dental procedure, you may make things worse. Try to be relaxed by taking deep breaths. You can also do meditation to feel calm. If that doesn’t work for you, your Ellenbrook dentist may suggest you take a sedative before an appointment. You can do some research on how to tackle dental anxiety.

3. Find Support

Don’t let your fear of a dental procedure get you. Talking with your family or friends may help you feel relaxed and confident about tooth extraction. It would be best to bring them during your appointment as they can hold your hand and encourage you. Dr Tejas Patel, a famous Ellenbrook dentist, believes that having support also helps you achieve your goals and can give your confidence a boost.

4. What To Eat & Drink Before the Procedure?

If you are going for a tooth extraction procedure, make sure to avoid eating or drinking which could cause excessive bleeding. It includes coffee, wine and foods high in vitamin K like spinach, cabbage and kale. You can eat normally after the tooth extraction in Ellenbrook but avoid hot and hard food for 24 hours if your mouth starts blooding.

5. Find A Dental Office In Ellenbrook You Trust

Finding a dental office you can trust is key to feeling confident and comfortable during any dental procedure. Start by asking friends for recommendations before you schedule consultations. You can check the dental office website online or just call reception to get information about dentists like their education, experience and any certificates they have. Having complete information before choosing your Ellenbrook dentist can give you peace of mind


Tooth extraction in Ellenbrook, Perth is a common practice and when you choose an experienced dentist, you can achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Pain during tooth extraction is minimum and temporary, but the benefits are far and wide to keep your dental health in top shape.

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